The drinks sector started out as core business for Lux Logistics and is still one of our most important sectors. It evolves on a daily basis and we evolve with it!

Why choose Lux Logistics?

  • We record everything – including counting and taking away empty containers – so you always have the latest information at your fingertips
  • We ensure that delivery notes that have been signed off are available as soon as delivery is complete
  • We have a strong national focus, with a daily presence in every province
  • We handle both full and partial loads


Steel is a very individual material with very individual requirements. We operate specially-equipped vehicles and comply with all safety requirements to ensure that every steel shipment is delivered with care.

Why choose Lux Logistics?

  • We operate a fleet with coil wagons (up to 24.5 tonnes) and short trailers with a reinforced chassis (up to 27.5 tonnes)
  • We can load and unload up to 10 tonnes on our own premises
  • We have staff who are trained to ensure loads are properly secured
  • We operate nationally and internationally


Lux Logistics can transport and store all kinds of packaging materials – from cardboard packaging and plastic film to rolls of plastic or foam, and from a single pallet to a full truck load for Benelux or France.

Why choose Lux Logistics?

  • We service this sector with dedicated trucks like volume trucks, which have a loading area that can take 30 block pallets or 38 Euro pallets and a load capacity of 115 m³
  • We can also provide 100-m³ mega trailers on the client’s premises for pre-loading


Lux Logistics is also the perfect partner for the construction sector. We can load and unload a wide range of materials on either large industrial docks or smaller private ones; from roof tiles, radiators, parquet flooring and bricks to ironwork and even components for swimming pools!

Why choose Lux Logistics?

  • We deliver straight to the docks, including arranging the delivery slot – saving you a headache!
  • We unload via a truck with a hatch or using a pallet truck.